Publications de Andrea MICHEAUX

Article dans une revue

Andrea L. Micheaux, Birgit Bosio
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Andrea L. Micheaux, Dominique Crié, Annabel Martin-Salerno, Daphné Salerno
The importance of being Earnest in social media: juxtaposing Oscar Wilde’s script with an empirical case study to examine digital deceit from the blogger’s perspective. Journal of Marketing Trends, International Marketing Trends Conference, 2018, 5 (1), pp.91-108


Andrea L. Micheaux
Getting to the bottom of Pandora's Box. Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, Palgrave Macmillan, 2013, 14 (3), pp.187-200. {10.1057/dddmp.2012.38}

Andrea L. Micheaux
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Dominique Crié, Andrea L. Micheaux
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Andrea L. Micheaux, Anne Gayet
Turning a marketing database into a relationship marketing database. Interactive Marketing -London-, Henry Stewart Publications, 2001, 2 (4), pp.327-346. {10.1057/}

Communication dans un congrès

Annabel Martin-Salerno, Andrea L. Micheaux, Valentina Stan
Knowledge sharing through enterprise social network : the key roles of servant leader virtues and eudaimonic well-being. BAM 2019 Conference (British Academy of Management), Sep 2019, Birmingham, United Kingdom



Andrea L. Micheaux, Valentina Stan, Annabel Martin-Salerno
Towards a conceptual framework for the empirical anchoring of contribution to Enterprise Social Networks as a conversion process to love. EMAC 2019 : 48th Annual Conference of European Marketing Academy, May 2019, Hamburg, Germany. EMAC, 2019